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The Job Of A Real Estate Agent

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

A real estate agent basically sells any type of real estate. With their knowledge about property transactions and their other related abilities, they are able to become effective mediums between sellers of real estate and potential buyers. Real estate agents can sell anything from lots, condos, houses and business space. They can also choose to specialize in just one type of property such as condos only or business spaces only.

More than selling, real estate agents would actually have to assist both the buyer and the seller when it comes to the transaction. This could include registrations, legal documents and many others. With that, the business side of real estate selling can be quite complicated. Even before the buyer has any intention to buy, the real estate agent is in charge of showing what types of properties a buyer might want to consider. With their knowledge on this matter, they are able to come up wit good judgment.

With the advancement of technology, primarily the internet, real estate agents are now able to do a lot of things outside of their workplace. They are able to transact, advice and do a lot more online.

Because real estate brokers are put into pressure of selling properties, this job can be well associated with a lot of stress but since those who have entered this industry have been well rewarded, the good pay and the benefits have managed to keep a lot of them in.

What Are The Job Requirements?

In order for a real estate agent to be able to practice, licensure is required. For most firms, a bachelorís degree in any course as well as a lot of training is also required although some would offer masterís degrees on real estate selling. It is basic for a real estate agent to know a lot about real estate law, real estate marketing and real estate market analysis for them to be able to have the job.

While no specific college degree is required, business degrees, primarily marketing could give an aspiring real estate agent a good advantage. Some college degrees would also incorporate real estate subjects in their curricula.

In order for a real estate agent to be effective in his job, one has to be very hardworking. Although real estate agents primarily work 40 hours per week, they actually exceed this at most times since there are a lot of demands required in this job. One should also have excellent communication skills, the ability to sell and the ability to deal with people effectively.

Job Outlook

With the growth of more condos, constant selling of properties and a lot of rural areas being developed all around the country, the number of real estate agents are expected to grow at a constant rate. The only thing here is that since competition is quite stiff, only the best prospects are promised with good careers. Those who have training, education and the character desired have the best prospects in the job market for real estate agents.

Salary Expectation

There are a lot of factors that could affect the earnings of a real estate agent, one of the largest factors being the economy. Real estate agents around the country earn a mean amount of around $55,000 per year. Real estate brokers earn more at about $78,000 per year.


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