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Computer Programmers: Job Description, Salary Information And More

What Do Computer Programmers Do?

The main functions of computer programmers are to develop instructions through various types of computer languages, decode these, test programs and develop programs. Mainly, these tasks are done to operate various things that have to be done within a company. With the technology industry getting more advanced by the minute, the roles of computer programmers are becoming more complex by the minute as more tasks would be added to their job. However, that can also be a door for ore opportunities.

Computer programmers commonly work with software engineers which would design a program that would be turned into a functioning software by the computer programmer. This process involves a lot of decoding with the use of various computer languages. Since that is so, it would be very advantageous if a computer programmer knows a good variety of languages.

Types Of Computer Programmers

There are two main types of computer programmers which are application programmers and system programmers. The main role of application programmers is to develop or enhance programs for a specific purpose which is given by a company such as handling financial data. Systems programmers on the other hand would cover a wider scope of tasks. Some of them would include developing computer networking systems. In order for systems programmers to be more effective, they must have good knowledge on computer networking and systems.

A software developer is another type of computer programmer. This type would often work with other specialists to create any program in general which would include games, educational programs and so much more.


Most of the people with computer programming jobs have received at least a bachelorís degree and around 20% of all of them have completed graduate studies in the field of computer studies. Compared to other professions, computer programming is considered to be growing at a considerably slow pace and is expected to maintain that slow pace in the future. Competitive candidates for employment are also expected to have a lot of needed skills.

Computer programmers have accounted for about 500,000 jobs in 2002. Most of the time, programmers are being employed with the larger percentage belonging to systems design and software publishing. Many firms that do not operate mainly on computer systems such as educational institutes, manufacturing firms, telecommunications offices and much more also open up job opportunities for computer programmers.

Job Qualifications

Since this job heavily requires skill, education is a growing need among those who plan to pursue a career in computer programming. The most qualified applicants would be holding a bachelorís degree however; some who only hold two year degrees and associate degrees have been reported to enter the industry.

If there is lack of experience in a certain area, graduates of any course can enroll in some institutes that would offer special training on a lot of areas needed for these types of jobs. Although having a bachelorís degree is basic, what employers actually look for is working experience or expertise.

Computer programming covers a very broad scope of jobs. With that, different skills are needed for different situations. Some of these could be mathematics, engineering, business finance, and a lot more. With more programs that are on the rise and are being used by a lot of different firms right now, a larger demand for skillful applicants is created.


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